As always you may have a question that you want to ask, and you may just not want to talk to us just yet.


Below are some common questions we get asked and hopefully these will help you.


If you do still need an answer on a question we may not have covered, please don't hesitate in contacting us either on the phone or email


Q - How many files can I backup?


A - At moopod we dont believe in restrcting how much you need to back up that is why you don't have any restrictions on how many files you have on your computer, this is all unlimited so everything on your computer can be backed up with out any issues

Q - How many computers can I backup?


A - You can backup two computers both on moopod pure backup and moopodplus

Q - I have a Windows computer and an Apple computer will it work on both?


A - Yes it will it works on Windows 7 & higher and Mac OSX 10.10 and higher.

Q - How often does moopod backup?


A - moopod backup is set to check every 60 minutes by default, this can also be personalised, and scheduled to meet your needs

Q - Where is my data stored?


A - Your online files are encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption to keep them safe. All of our servers are located in the UK. Our data centres have three levels of physical protection, are ISO 28000 compliant and are fully compliant with EU privacy laws so that your data is always close at hand

Q - Can I back up cloud storage services?


A - Yes with moopod, you can back up services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive giving you even more protection against your files.

Q - Am I protected against viruses?


A - Yes with moopod, you are protected against virus infections, like Ransomware. If this occurs you can restore your files to your computer or another computer once the infection is removed.

Q - Are my files encrypted?


A - Yes with moopod, you are protected with military-grade encryption AES-256 Encryption, all your files are encrypted, while being backed up and encrypted when downloaded. No one can see your files as each file is given its own encryption.